Welcome to Kemars Designs. I am glad you stopped by to check out what I have to offer. I am a freelance web design that can offer the following for bloggers, other freelance entrepreneurs, small business and start ups that have no technical background:

  • – Design your site the way you want it (how you see it in your head or on paper)
  • – Offer an in-expensive solution to get your product / service to the masses
  • – Work with you to get what you want

Don’t have a website / domain / hosting for your site? No Problem! I can assist to help setup and maintain your site on a monthly level.  I charge a flat, affordable fee to assist in setting this all up for you.  The domain (if needed) and hosting (if needed) will always be under your control and not the hosting company.  You should own the website.

Some of my works in the past handling

Custom branding / design templates:

  • <your site here> — contact me today to get started.

Custom template changes / WordPress work:

You can easily Contact Me Via Email 

I am happy to agree with you on how to meet to get the conversation going.

Payments can be done either through bank transfer or PayPal with a proper invoice to ensure you are paying what was delivered.

I am based out of Finland.