Guess who’s back,.. back again!

yep. that’s right. I am back again after finally getting a job working for KONE Corporation, yes the escalator / elevator / people moving company! Started in March 2017 and have been quite busy learning new things, meeting new faces (some old as some people also were hired from NOKIA / Microsoft side too).

just wanted to check in and let you all know all is good and busy, but busy is a good thing! Happy Holidays to you all and here’s to a fruitful New Year and productive 2019!

…more to come .. (soon)


boy this startup thing is really challenging but have thought of a couple cool ideas but have a lot of competition in those fields and just don’t know if I can really add value there or even disrupt it or not.  perhaps I stick to what I know and go with it and see where it leads me.  Freelance work might be the best option at this stage.  3 interviews so far and all have not proceeded being picked over someone who had a bit more knowledge or experience.  Gotta work on that some more..

The new chapter begins..

as of today February 25th, I am now officially on the market for a employment.  It was a bit sad leaving the office today knowning that I don’t have to do anything anymore, have to get up early to fight traffic to get to the office to make that all important meeting at 9am, chase myself around the office to make it to the next meeting and the meeting after that…etc.  oh wait a minute.. that doesn’t sound too sad after thinking about it… it actually sounds perfect and no more stress.  ;)   more to come…