Finally late night meetings are overwith….

yes, no more late night meetings with co-workers in Redmond.  not that I am complaining about them but they were too many during the weeks I have worked at Microsoft.  If you don’t live on the west coast, it just plain sucks as you don’t get done with your normal work day until in the wee hours of the morning.  Thank god for Finnish work laws and the fact that I can rack up the extra hours as additional time off .. when I will be able to use them is another story…. happy happy joy joy!

Off to Redmond for OneWeek

I am excited to attend OneWeek in Redmond, Washington this year.   Even though I know I will be jobless in the coming months, it is still exciting to participate in this company event.  I am going to take advantage and learn, network, and most of all have as much fun as I can while working the event.   Hopefully good things come from this event.

here we go again….

Well, after 15 years, 17 rounds of YT negotiations, it has finally caught up to me and I have been made redundant.  With Microsoft writing off the Nokia Phone business, I will be looking for a new job in the coming months.  Oh well, overcome, adapt, move on is my moto I have lived by all these years.  Microsoft’s loss, another company’s gain.  Time to update that resume…..