Where do i begin?

ok, I know, its been some time since my last attempt to get things up and running again with my blog and trying to update it a bit mroe often than a few months at a time.  SO much for that ..

Well, some updates at least with the apartement and home front:

We start work hopefully next week in Helsinki in renovation work.  Depending on where the remodeling guys are at with the new bathroom..  We cannot start work until the bathroom is finished.

The home front in Kouvola is moving nicely, we finally have cement floor in the wash room, Sauna, shower area.. but we have to wait one full week per cm of cement before we can start work work on putting down tiles on the floor.  (its 10cm deep, so 10 weeks.. so hopefully by the time we come back from holiday in July we can start the work then.  but that wont stop the work in getting the new ceiling up and installed and of course the walls as well.  All the bedrooms are done minus the floor board molding and the radiators installed Robert’s room and my office is done minus the window and radiator.

Work is work, busy as ever, but looking forward to my two weeks off starting next week and then again when we go to the states in June with the family!!

Hanna and Robert are doing great!! Robert is growing like crazy, just look at the latest pictures at www.kemars.net —

Well, got diaper duty, so gotta run.. more to come soon!!