Damn.. Its about time i updated this blog..

i know i know.. its been awhile since my last post.  well i have been freakin busy.. give me a bone to chew will ya?..

 I have two renovation jobs ongoing, full time job + taken care of my family all at the same time.. and i still manage to get out once in a while to chit chat with some friends.  Anyway, like i said been busy.  work life is good, heading to Munich this afternoon Sunday 9th.

Little Robert is growing like crazy – he is now 88cm long and wieghts 12.4 kilos.  its gotta be the Finnish water (not Nokia, Finland water in case you might have read about the water in the city of Nokia being contaminated). more info can be found here – www.kemars.net

everyone is else is doing great here..  Just to let you all in a secret, we may be heading out toward San Fran soon – around mid June through beginning of July but will keep those that need to know informed for sure of our plans.

Chat with you all soon!!