Renovations for December

Well, its been some time since my last post regarding renovation work at the house.  Its been going rather slow as we have had other things ongoing (e.g. work related trips, other projects that need work, etc, plus taking a few days off here and there to give our rather aching bodys a rest.)

What has been done up till now:

the bedrooms are about 75% done with all the dry wall up and “paste” being applied and sanded and applied and sanded.

Kitchen area is ongoing, and at least the door that went into the walkin refridgerator is now gone and covered.  were about 20% done

All walls in the living room, hallway and den area are about 60% done with some more dry wall needed to be placed up and pasted the joints and sanded and then painted.

The Sauna, WashRoom, and Shower Room — were about 50% done as i have now removed a lot of sand — about 1 cubic meter of it to be almost exact.. (thats a lot of sand) to make room for the new styrofoam flooring and then the new warming pipes to be laid out and then the cement to be poured (hopefully later this month if all goes well.. I might actually have a floor to walk on before the end of the year.. but lets see what happens).

Placing new beams up on the support bars for the ceiling and roof : we have the steel plates now and will be placing them on the support beams this month (hopefully before winter really decides to stick around and stay till April…)

Thats it from our end for now.. all is well.. and oh ya, we bought another apartment in Helsinki… and guess what?  we have to renovate that one too… JOY!!! :)