Web 2.0 — what does it really mean for us “end users”?

WEB 2.0
Is web 2.0 the future of the World Wide Web?, or it is just another BUZZ WORD?

Well according to WIKIPEDIA, Web 2 has been talked about since 2004, and is a continuous development and improvement on both services and platforms that run the web as we know it today.  By building on these existing services (e.g. RSS / XML / http / AJAX / etc) it will become a revolution of improved existing services and the flood gate opening for new services / appliations coming.  

I feel that Web 2.0 is a revolution already now, and that we are, three years into, what we can say is Web 2.5 or Web 2.6 even.  :)  With services such as Google Gmail,  Sixapart VOX(video/photo blog),  Sixapart Movable Type(blog), WordPress blog and Google Map being built on platforms such as LAMP / WAMP (Windows Server or Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP / PERL / Python)  the future of the web is here to stay and more and more persons should be online using these services, to help the revolution continue to grow and grow!  A neverending whirlwind of excitement and buzz that makes the web just that much more exciting to be part of.

What is the future?
Future is the future.  It can be suggested on where and what we will be heading toward, but we can speculate all we want until we blue in the face.  One minute its one kewl thing, then next minute, its another BUZZ word term to learn.  My thoughts on the future of the world wide web may have three keys: 

  • Networking , using tools such as www.linkedin.com or www.friendster.com
  • open discussion fourms , e.g PHPBB
  • affordable web hosting, being able to get your information on the net so that every person that can get connected to the web has a permanent presence available to provide their pictures, views, bookmarks, and cv’s as examples.  ( – e.g. paid hosting or free hosting such as www.myspace.com)

Using these three keys will open the door much easier for all particpants of the internet to really utilize, to the full potentional, the full power of the internet and become the future NOW.