its renovation time.. yet again…

well, it again has been some time since my last post.. been busy purchasing our first home here in Finland.  Kouvola, Finland to be exact..

We have been renovating since 28th of October and it has been great stress relief for me.. take out my frustrations on a wall.. he he he..

here are some links of the home and the work that has been done so far to it.

More to come soon…..

Its been awhile..

.. since my last post.  Have been quite busy with work stuff, coming and going to Helsinki, and taking care of Little Robert.  Boy has he been growing…. I think he is going to be a BIG BOY for sure.  Hanna is doing great with her new job and really likes it alot!  My new job at NSN is going well and enjoying also!

We are in the process of purchasing a new home, but more on this once all things are final with posting of photo’s, etc.

We are all well and life is great here in Finland!!

more to come soon…

Finn’s amongst top two in most vacation days

The Finn’s and French are amongst the top workers in europe /in the world for that matter/ that have the longest holiday (vacation) schedule to date.  30 days on the books.  The USA and Canada report 10 days on the books..  though the USA does not have any mandates on record that state all workforces must have x amount of days off per calendar year.