Ho Ho Ho..

Well, haven’t been able to post too much this year.  but to wrap things up :

Robert continues to play hockey and now i am part of the assistant coaching staff — www.kookoojuniorit.fi (f06).  He started the 2nd grade and doing really really well.

Lily continues in Finnish-American Society Day Care and learning lots of kewl stuff.  She started Ballet school and enjoying that tremendously.

Hanna and I celebrated our 10th Wedding anniversary by going to Paris, France for an extended weekend in September this year.  We really enjoyed the trip and liked it so much we decided to do / go somewhere each year from now on.

I changed jobs officially and will continue in 2015 with Microsoft in Finland working in our Mobile Device Mgmt team working side by side with the InTune team located in Redmond, Washington.

2015 .. Here we come!!!!

Robert’s Hockey Practice ..

Robert’s hockey school is going well, and I have seen an improvement with him and his skating ability.  He is getting much better skating backwards and is much faster. Now if I can only find a way to harness this ability and include STICK HANDLING????

KooKoo vs. SapKo

KooKoo was a winner again at home , taking it 3 – 1.  We met up with Robert’s friends from school and was able to enjoy the game with limitin Robert and his goodies intake to one per period.  (though i have to be honest i slipped and let him have a few others during the 2nd period intermission.  ;)

Great game.  GO KOOKOO — #ThisIsHowWeRoll